About us


The production and transport enterprise “BADOR” was established in 2000.
The great experience of transportation allowed us to create an enterprise for production
semitrailers and bodies for carriers. Technique with the trademark “BADOR”
works in fields, in carriers, carries loads by road in Europe.
We manufacture semi-trailers of any design and assembly, which
necessary for your company. By purchasing our technique, you get quality and
reliable transport, you make a profitable and justifiable investment in
your business, in your business.

About us

We use German technology

Thus, the constant information and technical support of our activity requires from us a systematic analysis of the directions of progressive development. The significance of these problems is so evident that the constant information and technical support of our activity requires us to analyze the system of training of personnel corresponding to the immediate needs? Thus, the further development of various forms of activity contributes to the preparation and implementation of the directions of progressive development!

We Are Ready To Embody Your Project In Life!

We love our work, so we do it in good faith and with high quality. From us you will receive an individual approach to each order and understanding.

  • with. Bila, st. I. Mazepa, 27,
  • Ternopil region

Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat. 9:00 – 15:00

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